No longer going with the flow, a brief review of the Rolex Green Water Ghost.

Rolex watches in the domestic popularity must not need me to say more, of course, their strength is not to be underestimated, as we mentioned in the previous article their strength can open two stores in a shopping mall, which is rare in the watch industry, today I bring you the Rolex fans love the “Rolex Submariner Calendar Type Series 116610LV green disk watch”, this watch is affectionately known as the “green water ghost” fans.

Brief review of the Rolex Submariner 116610LV watch movement.

This replica Rolex Submariner watches is equipped with a movement certified by the Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute and fitted with a Paraflex shock-absorbing device. The self-winding mechanical movement is powered by an automatic rotor that rotates with the flick of the wrist and retains its power without the need to change the battery, while the reinforced airtight case makes this watch water resistant to 300 meters, making it the preferred choice for divers.

The emerald green color of the dial is a difficult color for most people to handle, but also a more stylish color, compared to the black or white dial of a regular watch, this green is very beautiful indeed. The ceramic graduated rotating bezel allows you to check the decompression time at any time, and the high hardness sapphire crystal also ensures the durability of this watch, overall this watch is a beautiful but difficult to drive watch, more suitable for the pursuit of personality of the people to wear.
The deep green looks very nice, but I wonder if it would be a bit inappropriate with formal wear, at least I personally think this color is more suitable for sports and casual clothing, after all, it is a product designed for divers.

You can clearly see that the treatment of the cross section at the bend of the bracelet is still very sleek.

A brief look at the Rolex Submariner 116610LV.

The inner bezel of the dial is engraved with the Rolex anti-counterfeiting logo, while the outer bezel is a ceramic graduated rotating bezel, so you can always check the decompression time.

Shell and bracelet are made of 904L stainless steel, 904L stainless steel has very strong corrosion resistance properties, suitable for various concentrations of sulfuric acid below 70 ° C, at atmospheric pressure resistant to any concentration, any temperature of acetic acid and formic acid and acetic acid in mixed acid corrosion resistance is also very good. It provides favorable quality assurance for diving wear.

The Rolex logo on the plug is also one of the important anti-counterfeiting methods of Rolex products, counterfeit products due to the production process can not reach such a high level often made LOGO from the “open smile” into a “closed cataract mouth”.

Rolex watch products are generally thicker and heavier.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV Photo Appreciation.

The stainless steel bottom ensures pressure resistance when diving, allowing you to easily dive 300 meters, without affecting the normal timekeeping function, which is also one of its features. 940L stainless steel strap is more comfortable to wear. The overall side view shows the entire watch clearly.
The folding clasp also adds a safety clasp, which is a very thoughtful design. The inside of the clasp is not only engraved with the logo and place of manufacture, but also the production date code, and fans who want to know the production date can refer to the article I wrote before, “Rolex Watch Product Naming Rules Explained in Detail”, which corresponds to check the production date of your watch and some other information.

Finally, the last picture shows the luminescence of the Green Ghost, which allows you to keep track of time in the dark, and would be an eye-catcher in a karaoke environment.

To sum up: the Green Ghost is a Rolex in recent years, a product more fire, the price is also rising again and again now domestic public price has reached 70,000 yuan of the appearance. The automatic movement with Rolex solid workmanship can meet the daily outdoor activities to wear, is like diving or outdoor sports people preferred watch.

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