The creativity of the Rolex Cellini Moonphases

Rolex’s Cellini collection has always shown the world its elegance and extraordinary style in the classical style of traditional watchmaking, but at Baselworld 2017, replica rolex Cellini watches presented a moon phase watch to Rolex fans, which became a highlight of the show, which can be said to be a big surprise. It’s quite rare […]

A classic after a new life Rolex new Cellini watch

Rolex has always felt sturdy and durable, the negative impact is that Rolex is not suitable for formal wear, there is no classic Confucian models, they are more rugged watches. But in 2014, Rolex introduced a new Cellini watch, a perfect formal Confucian watch presented in front of everyone, impressed, this year, in Baselworld 2016, […]