Which is the Rolex Black Ghost? Introducing the Rolex Black Ghost

Rolex is a well-known name in the watch industry, and it’s the first brand that comes to mind when people buy a watch, whether they know it or not. Among the many Rolex models, there is one that is popularly known as the “Black Ghost” or “Black Water Ghost” watch. But some people don’t know […]

No longer going with the flow, a brief review of the Rolex Green Water Ghost.

Rolex watches in the domestic popularity must not need me to say more, of course, their strength is not to be underestimated, as we mentioned in the previous article their strength can open two stores in a shopping mall, which is rare in the watch industry, today I bring you the Rolex fans love the […]

A Visit to the Deep Sea Ghosts A Brief Review of the Rolex Submariner Date Model 116610LN

Many of my friends who have loved watches for several years have jokingly said, “If I could only have one watch in this life, I would definitely choose Rolex,” which shows that, leaving aside the appearance and functionality, just Rolex this brand has occupied an irreplaceable position in the minds of many people, of course, […]